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March Trends: Effective Spring Colours

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With Spring fast approaching, this years interior colour trends include all shades of yellow and green. These colours can be introduced to your home in many ways, wether it be wall coverings, accessories or soft furnishings. The colours we use in our home, unknowingly effect us physiologically.

Find out what effect this seasons colour trends could have below.

Photographed above: Exclusive wall coverings available in store today. Preview them here.


From pale butters to dark mustard. Yellow has many positive physiological qualities: creating happiness, optimism, confidence and creativity. Choosing the right shade of yellow is an important factor. The shade you choose should reflect your own personality and be one that effects your mood in a positive light.


Green is really effective for bringing the outside in. Grass, leaf and tree tones - indicating the presence of water. There are also many positive phycological qualities to shades of green which include harmony, refreshment, universal love, rest and peace. Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance - a more important concept than many people realise. 


Blue can have a calming effect on those in the room - representing water, outdoors and sky. With a pure, clean and cool vibe throughout. More positive effects include intelligence, communication, trust, serenity, logic and efficiency.


Taupe brings grey and beige together. The positive effect of Grey is psychological neutrality, making it the only colour to have no direct phycological properties. This can be seen as a positive as it creates a soothing atmosphere, bringing an element of complete relaxation into the room.

Photographed above: Exclusive wall coverings available in store today. Preview them here.

All of the wall coverings pictured in this blog post are available in store at our Indigo Home & Gift showroom located in Bromborough. As well as furniture, giftware, sofas, curtains and more to fulfil your spring trend wish list! For more information on pricing, and to order direct - click here to contact us!

What would you like to see featured in our blog in the coming months? Why not leave a comment below, if we use your idea you could be in with the chance of winning discounts and more!

Our Story: Indigo Home & Gift

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Dubai, 2001 - an idea was hatched. Indigo Home & Gift was born...

Jill and Mark Walker, the owner's of Indigo Home & Gift - moved to Dubai in 1996. After 5 years of sunshine, in 2001 it was time to move home. Days before the move, Jill and Mark had a last minute idea to bring a container of furniture home and open a small shop in Moreton. 

I was worried leaving Dubai that I’d end up with a container full of fire wood! So I went back to the warehouse on my own to watch them pack it up!
— Jill Walker

That first container sold through in 2 weeks. Then 6 months later, we re-located the store to Gordale, followed by a second store opening in 2007 located in Heswall. After 5 years, the Heswall store closed as we needed larger premises to expand our Sofa collection. We re-located the store to Bromborough which is still going strong as our main showroom almost 6 years later!

In 2016 we acquired the online furniture retailer - Best Furniture Online to expand our website bringing you a whole new online shopping experience. We have come so far since 2001 and can't wait to see what's next...

At Indigo Home & Gift, our aim isn't just to sell you Furniture - but to give you, as a customer, the whole package, planning out your home with full knowledge of interiors and schemes. We want it to be an enjoyable experience for all. Call in today and i'm sure our team will be able to help you with all you're home enquiries and make your visions become realities.

Any questions or topic's you'd like to see us blog on in the future - leave a comment below!

New Collection: Chairs

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Presenting our brand new collection of Dining Chairs! A collection to perfectly match our furniture collections. These beautiful Chairs feature numerous designs across natural oak and walnut leg finishes, all available in a range of colours and styles. Ready assembled and made using thick and comfortable materials they will add style and luxurious comfort around your dining table. Check out the collection below.

New Ranges, Discounts and More!

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Indigo Home & Gift and Best Furniture Online bring you a brand new range for 2017 - Wicker Merchant. Manufactured by Kettle Interiors, the collection features the finest hand-picked quality materials. Crafting each and every piece with love and care, our wicker storage and baskets offer exquisite durability and will help to make any home feel a little more in touch with what truly matters. Shop the range here, available for home delivery or FREE CLICK & COLLECT to either of our store locations.

Save over £200 this January! Our 10% OFF EVERYTHING offer is still running online, but not for long! It will be ending Sunday night at midnight so don't miss out...

PLUS: Our amazing Sofa offer - We guarantee to beat any like for like Sofa price by £200! Call us today to take advantage of this offer - 0151 334 2118 and click here to view our Sofa ranges!

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All You Need Under Your Tree This Christmas

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You can now shop a hand picked selection of our Christmas Giftware Collection online! We have chosen some of our favourites from the range to share with you online which is all available with our new free delivery option, Click & Collect! Our full collection is available in store at both our Bromborough and Gordale Indigo Home & Gift showrooms. Click here to shop!

We have also just released our 2016 Christmas Advert! Check it out below...

All you need under your tree this Christmas.
— at Indigo Home & Gift

We Are Now Part Of Indigo Home & Gift!

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Indigo Home & Gift announce the acquisition of the online retailer Best Furniture Online! Bringing you two showrooms based on the Wirral, this is a brand new online shopping experience which will guarantee the cheapest prices and excellent service. 

You can now shop with speed on a desktop, on the go with our mobile site and even pay using Apple Pay. A selection of our Giftware ranges are now available online with a new delivery option, Click & Collect!

Christmas Has Arrived!

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It may only be October but Christmas has arrived at Best Furniture Online! It took us three days to sort through, but our festive stock is now unpacked, priced and on the shelves!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

From traditional red and gold to our winter wonderland collection - a hand picked selection will soon be available to shop online! Until then, if you see anything you wish to purchase in these preview images, drop us a message here and i'm sure we can sort something out for you!

Feel free to visit our Indigo showrooms on the Wirral in Bromborough or Gordale and stay tuned to shop our Christmas stock online in the next few weeks...

It's That Time Of Year Again...

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With Autumn on our doorsteps, it's that time of year we all start to think about wooly hats, pumpkin spice latte's and of course, Christmas.

Get cosy by the fire with a new Sofa!

What better way to start the festive season than with a new Sofa to get cosy and watch your favourite Christmas Films (ours would have to be Elf) by the fire with a pumpkin spice latte. We recommend a fabric Sofa rather than a Leather as it's definitely the warmer option for the cold winter nights, yet still looks on trend throughout the rest of the year. After all when buying a Sofa, you're looking for longevity and want it to be practical all year round. We also offer a sofa protection service called Scotchgard - this protects your sofa from spills and stains which is perfect for any pumpkin carving kids and christmas parties that may result in a wine spillage! All of our Sofas come in a range of fabrics and sizes, plus for a limited time only you can Save £150 when you buy any two items from our Sofa collections - so place your order now to ensure delivery in time for December! Give us a call on 0151 334 2118 or shop our ranges below.

Thinking of buying a dining table especially for Christmas Dinner?

If this is the case then make sure you think of all the pro's and con's before you make your purchase! First of all make sure you buy one that will fit nicely in your room and not look out of place or too big for the rest of the year. Why not go for an extending table, this way you can extend for Christmas Day to seat your guests - but have it a more practical size for everyday use. See our range of Dining Tables below.

Christmas Is Coming...

Here's a sneak peak at our exclusive Christmas Ranges that will be available from November!
Stay tuned for future blog posts, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep in the loop!

Featured Collection: Oakley

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This weeks featured collection is our best seller, the "Oakley" collection. Manufactured by Kettle Interiors, the Oakley Collection is made up of Living, Bedroom and Office furniture making it one of the most diverse ranges available. There are more than 60 pieces of furniture throughout the range ensuring that you will always be able to find the perfect item no matter what style or size of home you have.

Beautifully manufactured from American White Oak and finished with a subtle rustic look, chunky top and metal handles on all the cabinet pieces give the range a very distinctive look.

We have sold the Oakley Collection for over 10 years and it's still just as popular as it was back then. It's loved by our customers and remains our best selling collection year after year. Built to last, it's a range suitable for any room in your home. Perfect for the customer looking for that quality piece of oak with longevity and style, guaranteed to serve its purpose for years to come.

With prices starting from just £65 for a wall mirror, it is affordable yet very high in quality.

*Note: The Oakley range was previously called Oakham.

5 Tips When Buying A Sofa

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Our monthly advice feature for September focuses on Sofa shopping and what you should be looking for to ensure you find the perfect Sofa. We have put together a quick guide of our top 5 most important things to consider. If you need any more help or advice, don't hesitate to get in touch.

1. Comfort

The comfort offered by your sofa is our number one thing to consider when buying a sofa. When sitting in a normal position on a sofa, you shouldn't be able to slide your arm easily behind the base of your spine if the sit is correct. If there's a large gap, you wont get the correct level of lumbar support.

There are three different comfort/style options to choose from for the back of your sofa - Scatter BackFixed Back or Cushion Back. We recommend giving this some thought before starting your search.

2. Measure

Ordering your new sofa can be an exciting process - but we want to be sure your new sofa will fit before you place your order! You'll want your new sofa to be in proportion to the rest of the room. A great way to check is to map out the space on your floor using our sofa dimensions, with masking tape.

"Remember to leave yourself enough space to walk around the room comfortably, not overcrowding the space so you can retain a spacious look and feel."

Click here to read the full feature.