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Striking industrial looks make your home contemporary and unique. With furniture featuring aged effect oak and metal frames - 3D Brick, Stone and Metal effect wall coverings - finished off with touches such as lighting and plants. You really can achieve the vibe of a New York apartment for an affordable price.

Industrial Chair
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What's old is truly new again

Mailboxes from another era, vintage shutters, and recovered ceiling tiles, alongside industrial grade concrete, tarnished metals, mill city bricks, and weathered woods are all cast with the beautiful patina that only time can create. All featured in our reclaimed collection of Wall Covering's which is exclusive to Best Furniture Online. Lift the look of any space with this modern approach to decor, influenced by the character of reclaimed materials and industrial city vibes.

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Sheet Metal

Reclaimed Wall Coverings Collection

Industrial Lighting

Well designed, considered lighting has the power to transform a room's mood. Lighting your home is as much about creating a mood as it is about functionality. Get the lighting wrong and the whole look will suffer. When designing with the Industrial look, we love to display string fairy lights within jars and lanterns, feature ceiling pendants and industrial bulbs to create a real statement within the room.



The Finishing Touches

From Lighting and Pendants to Palm Foliage - the finishing touches give your room personality and bring the overall design concept together. You will really notice the difference and see your industrial themed space in a new light once you bring in a palm or smaller side foliage throughout.

Real indoor plants can often scare people away due to the constant care they believe is needed. However with the majority of palms, they simply need a well lit space and minimal watering every now and then. Always check the care label before making your purchase to confirm as individual plants may differ in level of care required.

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